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SEO & Rap Genius

An article earlier week covered Rap Genius’ growth strategy, specifically how they were using poor SEO tactics. Sometimes the tech world seems large and disconnected, but it was interesting to see how quickly someone at Google, in this case Matt Cutts, saw this and responded with a simple, “We’re investigating this now.” Follow up articles over the next two days showed that was quickly penalized for their link building tactics.

This story is a good reminder that good SEO isn’t about trying to game the system, but presenting your website in an optimized fashion for search engines to quickly and easily understand it.

A Framework for Managing Your Web Presence

I’m giving a talk tomorrow for at the CCCU conference, and here are the reference materials I’ll be using to show what we’ve implemented at Moody to help manage our web presence.


  • Content Inventory Matrix (XLS)
  • Project Portfolio (XLS)
  • Social Media Policy, Guidelines, and Best Practices (PDF)
  • Web Format Standards and Guidelines (PDF)
  • Web Scoring Matrix For Ranking Projects (XLS)
  • Presentation and Evaluation of Major Types of Website Analytics (PDF)

Download zip file containing these resources.


And finally here are a few books I’ve found invaluable in the process of managing our website: